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True facts about mud cakes and food for Haitian

There is and has been severe economic crisis in Haiti due to which plenty of people suffer from malnutrition as they are really poor. Such people are forced to consume mud cakes. Mud cakes are nothing but cakes or cookies for that matter that are made from dirt. People go for these mud cakes as they can’t afford good food with the amount of money they have. So, the trends of consuming these mud cakes are frequently observed in Haiti. 

A high amount of the dirt is used to make mud cakes and this when combined with clay is considered to carry a certain nutritional value. This is combined along with water, salt and vegetable shortenings are then added before finally molding these to form the mud cakes or cookies. Then the mold is kept under the sun for proper drying.

2 bowlfuls of rice normally costs in excess of 50 cents in Haiti, but these mud cakes will only cost about 5 cents. So, plenty of people are inclined to go for this option, including young children and pregnant women. This is because the primary objective is to get out from the state of hunger.

Haitians firmly believe that the mud cakes are effective antacids, that protect them from diarrheal symptoms and enhances the presence of calcium ions in their blood but the experts do think otherwise. The mud cakes are believed to contain parasitic eggs of micro organisms that on entering the GI tract can lead to severe gastroenteritis. So, these mud cakes do pose a lot of threat to the people.

So, you can see that the Haitians go through a very distressed condition. And, they can come out of this situation, this financial and economical crisis only with your whole-hearted support.


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